How to become a member

How do I become a member? Who can join?
Any person associated with or interested in the cosmetology profession may apply to join Alpha Chi Pi Omega. Membership is open to licensed stylists, barbers, students,  nail technicians, estheticians, instructors, school owners, salon owners, beauty suppliers, and any person interested in the beauty profession.

What is the process for membership?

The work of Alpha Chi Pi Omega is carried out within a local Chapter. As a national organization Chapters are formed in surrounding cities across the country . There are two types of Chapters:

The Professional Chapter –  The Professional Chapter consist of persons who have completed their cosmetology, barber, or other professional training.

The Institutional chapter – The Institutional Chapter is created within a school setting and consists of students and instructors. The Institutional Chapter remains within the walls of the school, and those who graduate are encouraged to join a local Professional Chapter. If there is no Professional Chapter in your city, the National Staff will help you develop one.

There must be at least five (5) persons to form a Chapter.  One of the five persons must be a male. The male will represent the fraternity and serve as the Polemarch of the Chapter.

As with all Sororities and Fraternities, all new members must go through a pledge period. You begin this process by submitting an application with the appropriate fee to the National Office. You will then be launched into the Pledge Club. Alpha Chi Pi Omega does not practice or condone any hazing.

How do I get started?

The Joining fee for those who have obtained a license is $150.  A $100 fee is submitted with the application.

The joining fee for students who have not obtained a license is $110.00. An $80 fee is submitted with the application.

All applications are mailed to the National Office in Dallas, TX.  After submitting your application you begin your pledge.

What other fees do I pay?
         1. $25.00 National Annual Dues
         2. $5.00 Monthly Dues
Other than convention and conference fees, these are the only out of pocket fees assessed by the national to the members. There are National Fees that all Chapters are required to pay, but they are paid from resources earned from Chapter fundraisers,  and are not by the members.
What can Alpha Chi Pi Omega do for me?
1.      Develop Leadership Skills
2.      Network with others in the cosmetology Industry
3.      Travel
4.      Receive career training through workshops and classes
5.      Enhance and develop business skills
6.      Enhance creative and artistic skills
7.      Develop ways to earn extra income
8.      Receive exposure to new people, ideas, and places
9.      Develop personal relationships across the country
10. Empower you to be the very best you can be as a professional
11. Become connected to an organization that empowers the Cosmetology
12. Become respected in your community as a member of a Greek organization.
Now is the time to join forces together with an organization who understands you; an organization where you can use your talents, skills and abilities to make a true difference, not only in the beauty profession, but in your community, the nation and the world at large. Come join the Greek fold of Alpha Chi Pi Omega and begin a journey of sisterhood and brotherhood. Come step into a world of purpose and meaning, and respect.
To receive more  information or speak with a Soror or Brother regarding becoming a member call the National Hot Line and leave your name, email address and contact number. You can also send an email of inquiry to:
 National Hot Line 972-572-9800